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Phone Call Recording Systems

Phone Call Recording systems are considered important addition in a company’s Telecom infrastructure these days. Also referred to as Call recording or voice recording systems, these systems are used to record both sides of the conversation on a wired telecom network.

Telecom network itself is comprised of many different voice infrastructure technologies. Digital Trunks, Digital, VoIP phones and IP extensions and Analog extensions and trunks are the familiar faces of these technologies mostly known generally.

Phone call recording system provides a means to record conversation on any end of the network on all the above mentioned types of the Voice infrastructure.

Voice recorders can be mainly divided into two main types, Monitoring applications and Enterprise mission critical applications. Softech Microsystems offers both types and all those in between. Monitoring of phone conversations for training purposes and quality assurance do not require much emphasis on the reliability, performance, accuracy and guaranteed quality of call recordings. Their mere purpose is to have enough samples of calls recorded, to provide sufficient test cases for the training and Quality assurance. Outbound Call center phone call recording is one such example.

Therefore in this category Call recording systems employ comparatively very low cost Hardware and very basic software. Though the resultant products are of good enough Quality compared to the price and performance ratio. Softech Microsystems offers a low cost call recording Kit ACR-2000 in this category.

On the other hand Enterprise mission critical call recording systems involve dependency of the businesses on Call recorders to safeguard their major interest  income, revenues, secrets and business deals. This makes this type of systems, a lifeline for the businesses who use them. Enterprise Systems employ state of the art, most durable, reliable and industrial grade technology. This ensures smooth functioning of the system without compromising voice quality, loss of voice recordings, safeguarding against unauthorized access to the secrets stored in these recordings. Mission critical applications require that every single call must be recorded and made available when demanded.

Mission critical features such as Audit trail, protection against unauthorized access, safe keeping of recordings against deliberate deletions, tracking of user activity, diagnostics logging etc. are basic needs of the Enterprise applications. Additional Software such as Evaluation are also needed.

Softech offers Asravoice Enterprise Edition Phone Call recording system for in this category.

Call us to discuss your recording needs in detail. We are the experts in Pakistan. We have been serving the industry in this field since 1997 and have a huge clientele.