Asravoice Phone Call Recording System

Asravoice Phone Call Recording System

Asravoice Phone Call Recording System

Asravoice Phone Call Recording System offers proven cost effective technologies to help business call recording issues from smaller enterprises to multinational corporations with offices all across the globe- meet their call recording objectives without a glitch, while at the same time helping them to maintain the highest standards of security at all times.

Asravoice phone call recording system and Call Recorder has been designed using Hi-tech phone line taping Hardware platform, further Augmenting the reliability of the system.

Asravoice is a call recording device that comes with a variety of features of communication systems which provide a solution to the wide range of industry applications. As a PC based Telephone Call recording solution, it stands among the most featured and functionally rich phone conversation recorders in the industry that holds all call center recording features.

Voice Logging needs are expanding rapidly in corporate sector. Telephone tapping machines are getting common these days. In Corporate Governance and Training area, Voice loggers are used mainly to control Industrial Espionage, Personal calls, Staff Training, Quality Assurance, Business Liability Assessment, Increased Customer Confidence and PCI DSS Compliance.

Computer Software Based Call recorder provide a Feature Rich user interface which makes it easier to search and playback the recorded conversations instantly. Many Search options make it easier to get to the right time, date and call by the click of a mouse.

The Voice is converted into Digital recording format and saved digitally in the form of protected voice file on Hard Disk of the system. As a disaster recovery model the recorded call data can also be saved on remote location using NAS or SAN data backup solutions.

Analog phone lines of PSTN (landlines) or analog extensions of the PBX (PABX) are tapped physically and recorded. Digital Trunks such as E1/T1 PRI/BRI are also taped the same way. SIP or VoIP trunks require IP call recording technology which is carried out by connecting to the IPPBX or service provider. Many IP based Telephone Exchanges come with special support for IP Phone call recording systems such as Asravoice.

Call Centers and Contact Centers are another major application for call quality monitoring and recording equipment. Quality assurance call monitoring, inbound and outbound conversation tapping and conference call recording are important parts of a professional call center operation.

Financial sector including Banks Treasury departments, Banks Collection center, Banks Call Centers , Banks Branches, Stock Exchange Members brokers and agents, Commodity Exchange Members brokers and agents, Money Market dealers, Currency Exchange Companies use conversation recording for PCI DSS Compliance, Liability Control, Error Control, Staff Training, Control over espionage, Customer Satisfaction, Telephone Bill Control etc.

The Asravoice Call recording system also supports Two ways Radio communication tapping. It can be connected with Audio source of any Radio transmitter system to record conversations between air and ground staff. Typical applications include Air Traffic Control Towers, Air force Radar Stations, Mobile Force Radio Communication etc. Mostly used for FAA and ICAO Compliance, Liability Control, Error Control, Staff Training, Control over espionage, Case evaluation / Analysis, Survey support etc.

Public Safety is one of the most important sectors which require telephone recording as an essential tool. Organizations like 911, Fire Brigade, Police, Ambulance service, Security Alarm services, Emergency services, Tow Truck services, Taxi, Airport shuttle services, Utility Service Centers etc use phone conversations taping systems for Compliance, legal / Liability Control, Error Control, Staff Training, Control over espionage, Customer Satisfaction, Case evaluation / Analysis, Survey support, Customer response analysis etc. Asravoice Voice logger can Monitor calls from all types of Voice sources, thereby making it the most versatile Call recording App in the Market.

Government National Security Organizations use Asravoice as a telephone Bugging device. Law Enforcement Agencies, National Security Agencies, Sensitive Government Offices require the help of such equipment to carry out surveillance, Spying and listening operations against an enemy of the state. Safety and security of the recorded conversations are paramount in Asravoice. Secure recorded files make it a product of choice in mission critical environment. Asravoice is a Robust System which can be deployed, packaged according to the nature of deployment. It is available starting from a Do-it-yourself Kit to Industrial Robust and ruggedized Casings for different situations.

Asravoice supports Digital and IP extension / IP phone recording for most of the Industry’s leading PBX Manufacturers including Avaya, Cisco, Alcatel-Lucent, Siemens, Mitel, Nortel, Astra, Panasonic etc.

Asravoice is a Multi-line Telephone recorder and comes in a wide range of sizes starting from 2 Ports to 100s of ports in one chassis or cascaded form.

  • Supports Digital PBX, Hybrid PBX, IP PBX, IP Extensions, IP Phones.
  • Supports two ways Radio Communication Tapping.
  • Offers interfaces for Passive Recording of Analog Trunks and Extensions, Digital Trunks, IP Trunks, IP Extensions, SIP Trunks/ Extensions and radio communication recording.

Asravoice Phone Call Recording is available all across the Pakistan  (Karachi, Islamabad, Lahore and Rawalpindi) and middle east like UAE, Dubai, Bahrain, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia(KSA)

  1. Features

    Asravoice voice call recorder stands as a best audio call recorder with its below highlighted key features:

    • Digital Voice Recorder
    • Analogue Recording
    • IP Phone Recording
    • SIP Call Recorder
    • Outbound/Inbound calling solution
    • Users, lines and locations logging & reporting
    • Recording calls coming on multiple lines
    • Supports all GSN Networks
    • Search and Playback
    • Responsive Screen
    • Scoring made simple
    • Efficient Reporting
    • Guaranteed Security
    • Seamless Integration
    • Metro UI
    • Interaction Recording
    • IVR
  2. Advantages

    Asravoice Phone Call Recording System stands as a best audio call recorder with its below highlighted key features:

    • Record, Monitor and Control in real time
    • Improve responsiveness and alertness
    • Improve efficiency and performance
    • Evaluate and Appraise
    • Listen and Advice
    • Watch and improve
    • Resolve Disputes
    • Protect your Business secrets
    • Analyze and Report
    • Curtail Lawsuits and Threats
    • Cloud Call Recording
    • Phone Call Recording
    • Call Center Recording
  3. Technical Specification

    Asravoice Business Call Recording consists of a Windows 2008 or Windows 2003 Sever OS, with MS SQL Express or SQL Server 2008. OTS PCs for IP Recording or Industrial class machines with multiple PCI slots for Passive Tapping. External NAS, SAN support built-in archival system using hard disk and DVD drive. RAID 1 RAID 5 configured Internal Hard Drive and a complimentary API for integration with third party applications.

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