Call Center Software, with Advantage 2000 UCS

SMB and Enterprise desperately needing to have Full featured Call Center to serve customers, have shied away due to heavy Ownership, License and Maintenance Costs involved with Proprietary Call Centers Systems .

Advantage 2000 UCS offers a Full Featured Call Center Solution as an extension to its vast services at phenomenally Low Cost.

Call Center Reports

  • Breaks/rests reports
  • Call’s detail
  • Calls per hour
  • Calls per agent
  • Wait time
  • Login Logout
  • Ingoing successful calls
  • Calls per hour graph
  • Agent’s information
  • Trunks used per hour
  • Agents monitoring
  • Ingoing calls monitoring
  • Campaign monitoring

Call Center Features

  •  Web Administration
  •  Do-Not-Call List Support
  •  Support for breaks generation and configuration
  •  Support for integration of external application (CRM, forms) during campaigns
  •  Support for forms design
  •  Support for generation of scripts by campaign and by queues
  •  Storage of attention script
  •  Support for retries in outgoing campaigns
  •  Support for reports exporting to spreadsheets, PDF, and CSV
  •  Web-based agent console
  •  Support for call transfer from console
  •  Ability to place a call on hold
  •  Support for ingoing and outgoing campaigns
  •  Support for call schedule in outgoing campaigns
  •  Support for call schedule assigned to the same agent
  •  Support for call back login
  •  Execution of multiple simultaneous campaigns
  •  Monitoring of agent assigned to a call
  •  Support for call recording by queues
  •  Predictive dialing
  •  Support for configuration of short call threshold
  •  Maximum wait configuration of a dialed call
  •  Support for activation/deactivation of prediction
  •  Automatic calling from a list of numbers
  •  Asynchronous events assignment