CRM Software, with Advantage 2000 UCS

CRM software have traditionally been accessible only to Large Enterprise due to Heavy Total Costs of Ownership TCO. The needs of SMB and Enterprise are similar in the area of Sales, Marketing and Services Management.

A CRM Software undoubtedly increases efficiency of any organization, whether small or large, by organizing operations, managing customers requests and provid-ing essential insights into the sales, marketing and services business related Data to the management of the organization.

Enterprise Class CRM software, available with Advantage 2000 UCS, offers a Full Featured service. Softech Offers Deployment, Customization, Integration with Third Party Software, and extended Software development services for CRM on Ad-vantage 2000 UCS, enabling SMB and Enterprise to enter a new era of Unified com-munications integrated with the CRM and Call Center Software as extension to the Advantage 2000 UCS.

  •  Visitor on your website can directly call CC agents.
  •  Customers buying thru website can directly fill a CRM order form.
  •  Customers Support can manage services, warranties and SLA.
  •  Customer surveys or orders can be entered into CRM order form by CC agents.
  •  Quotations can be made and sent via CRM over email to customers.
  •  Remote CC agents / Home Agents can use all features of CC and CRM seamlessly while over the phone with organization and Customers.