High Availability

Advantage 2000 IPPBX HA is a commercially devel-oped High Availability solution that has reworked the Advantage 2000 IPPBX platform to integrate DRBD, Cluster Manager and Pacemaker. This enables auto-matic mirroring and failover between two Advantage 2000 IPPBX Systems. Your phones and devices are registered to a floating IP address, so the failover be-tween systems will be transparent to them. Your SIP Trunks will register to the active node, and if utilizing a PSTN Failover Appliance (optional), your T1 or Analog lines will be directed to the active node as well. Then when the primary IPPBX is repaired or recovers, you can switch back to the pri-mary Advantage 2000 IPPBX node in just seconds.

Setup and configuration of Advantage 2000 IPPBX HA is done in the Advantage 2000 IPPBX GUI, which you can also use as an online management tool to easily switch between nodes.