Softech Microsystems is Sole Agent ( Since 2002) of Arista Systems Corporation Taiwan for its complete Range of Digital ( PABX ) PBX / KTS and IPPBX Brand Aristel. Aristel Products are based on the USA Leading-edge Technology & Capital and founded in Taiwan on May 1, 1993. Arista systems is ISO 9001 Certified.

Aristel provides Analog Switching Matrix, TDM / PCM and IP PBX ( PABX ) with Cutting edge Technology and Latest Features.
Different Models provide Digital ISDN VoIP ( PABX ) PBX KTS phone systems from 2+8 to 800 ports.

Aristel Products are divided into three categories, AV series , DV series and Arnex IPPBX series PABX (PBX) / Key Telephone system.
AV series comprises of : EW-20, EG-24, AV-20, Av-38, AV-48, AV-96, AV64 and AV256 Models ranging 2+8 to 256 Ports
DV series comprises of: DV-38, DV96 and IBS-800 Models ranging 4+8 to 800 Ports
Arnex series comprises of: Arnex-100 and Arnex-500 IPPBX and IPphones ranging 60 SIP ports to 250 ports.

Aristel Products are Sold in 47 Countries Around the World and are designed and produced in Taiwan.

Softech Has Sold numerous Aristel PBX ( PABX ) in Pakistan since 2002 from Small Office Home Office SOHO systems to Corporate head Quarters of the Banks.
Customers have enjoyed Aristel products Reliability, Quality and dependable performance since years.