Contact Center & Call Center Solutions

Contact & call center solution means a complete set of features to manage the large number of inbound & outbound telephonic calls. Such contact & call centers can be used in the different departments of the organization as per the organizational needs. The modern technology that helps out in routing, handling and managing the calls are termed as either contact or call center. Softech Microsystems provides its call & contact center solutions services to allover the Pakistan and Gulf Region (mainly Dubai & KSA), below are some solutions:

  1. Advantage 2000 UCS
  2. Alcatel
  3. Asterisk
  4. Unify

Choosing the Right Contact & Call Center Solution:

While choosing the right solution, be careful that the proposed solution must guarantee prompt, professional, transaction call handling, Live call monitoring, Effective use of resources in order to cut the expenses down, Increased employee productivity and Increased profitability.

Contact & Call Center Solutions Applications

1. Call Center Solution

Call Center solution only gives the feature of voice communication. It uses both PSTN or VoIP. Employees can be capable of using either inbound, outbound or both interfaces.

2. Contact Center Solution

Unlike the Call Center, Contact Center mainly uses VoIP and includes the features of booth the voice & data communications. Employees can enjoy voice calling with the addition of email, voicemail, chat and web interfaces features. Employees are able to use all the mentioned mode of communications.

3. IP Contact Center

An IP Contact Center is purely based on VoIP. It uses IP telephony based automatic call distribution (ADC).

4. Automatic Call Distribution (ADC)

ADC is an advanced functionality of distributing incoming calls. Using this functionality, calls are distributed to the predetermined list of call center agents. When all the agents are busy on call, incoming call park in queue until any of the agents is free to receive the call. Stats can easily be extracted in the form of total received, missed & answered calls.