Unified Communication systems (UCS)

Softech Microsystems gives various unified communication systems solutions to the enterprises by providing its services to Pakistan and Gulf Region. Below are some Unified communication systems (UCS) Solutions:
1. Advantage 2000 UCS
2. Alcatel
3. Asterisk
4. Hybrex
5. Unify

What is unified communication systems (UCS)

As the word “unified Communications’ itself indicates that it is an integration of various means of business communications, such means are instant messaging or chat, VoIP telephony, Audio/video conferencing), Data Communication, Unified messaging, Voicemail, Email and Fax.

Tools and Technologies of UCS

Instant messaging (IM)

Unified messaging

Audio Conferencing

Video Conferencing

Data Communication

Business process integration (BPI)

Software to enable business process integration



VoIP Telephony

Benefits of Using Unified Communication Systems (UCS)

Enterprises prefer one solution to their multiple business voice & data communications problems with user interfaces and user experiences features. These become the main reasons that UCS interest has taken place in the business world.
Other reasons of growing interests of integrated communication systems are:
1. Inter Branch Connectivity
Now! the businesses have the growing demand of connecting their head office to the branch offices/remote locations. This not only reduce their cost but also removes the voice/data communications barrier that may directly and indirectly affects employee productivity, customer satisfaction and revenues.
2. Smart Phone Connections
Integrated communication systems can remove internal voice & data communication barrier by providing the feature of smart phone extensions so that you can in touch with your employees regardless of their or your outdoor visits.

Both of the above main reasons can ultimately produce results in the form of:
• Better Efficiency
• Increased Employee Productivity
• Reduced Costs
• More Revenue Generation
• Customer Satisfaction

Reasons of Switching to Unified Communication Systems (UCS)

1. UCS is an easy to manage communication system with the least complexities
2. Easily access to your outdoor employees
3. Cost reduction
4. Customer satisfaction by removing internal & external voice/data communication barriers

Voice & Data Communications

Due to the growing need of better business voice & data communication systems, advanced technology Integrated Communication Systems (UCS) is introduced to overcome all the data communications barrier that can lower businesses’ employee productivity & employee satisfaction.