VoIP Business Telephone Systems

Softech Microsystems provide different VoIP business telephone systems solutions as according to the business needs of large, medium and small enterprises. Softech Microsystems provides customized VoIP business telephone systems solutions to enhance your business communication with modern technologies of VoIP that can increase your profitability by enhancing your internal & external business communications by using VoIP Business Telephone Systems Technology. VoIP Phone System can give you a more focus on what you try to achieve.

VoIP business telephone systems brings phone, VoIP (IP PBX) Systems, data, and video to the one unified VoIP based IP PBX solution so that you can enjoy flexibility of your unified communications by using VoIP based IP PBX Technology.

Softech Microsystems provide below VoIP business telephone systems solutions of different brands:

Have a look at below key benefits of using VoIP business telephone system:

  • You can use IP (Internet protocol) data network for making phone calls through the use of VoIP systems
  • You can manage Your voice, data & video communications in an effective & cost effective way by usiness VoIP systems
  • Call Forwarding
  • Voicemail
  • Unlimited Long Distance
  • Call Conferencing
  • Caller ID

IP PBX / VoIP systems help you to be connected on your network even outside your office location. VoIP business telephone systems solutions can help you go for secure network connections so that you can use your data everywhere you want.

What is IP PBX (VoIP) System

IP PBX systems (VoIP) give your voice a platform of internet protocol (IP). Different protocols have been introduced that have been categorized into 2 categories on the basis of required bandwidth and quality of voice channel. 1 category require high amount of bandwidth with premium voice quality while other require comparatively lower amount of bandwidth and reasonable voice quality. VoIP business telephone system (IP PBX) uses mainly standard protocol (also known as non-proprietary protocol)that includes H.323, Media Gateway Control Protocol (MGCP) and Session Initiation Protocol (SIP).

Reasons of Using VoIP (IP PBX)

Many organizations are reluctant to switch their network to the VoIP business telephone system and it’s a fact that it is toughest decision to deploy a VoIP solution when your organization has been using the old system. But, it worth switching to the IP PBX System solution as the VoIP solution insures stability as what your old system claims. In addition to the stability factor, VoIP solutions adds many more features that gives more reliability to your communication system thus make you generate more profit. Along with the basic voice services, IP PBX System (VoIP) also offers a perfect combination of different essential communication components that includes voicemail, instant messaging (IM), Audio/video conferencing, chat, CRM Integration, Call center Integration, Call Recording, Call Billing. It doesn’t worth to choose the best brand rather choose the best solution. Take time to choose the best VoIP solutions that fits well with your organization environment.

As Softech Microsystems is providing many VoIP solutions depending on the needs needs & wants of customers to provide them with the large amount of flexibility using VoIP based IP PBX technique. Our team is always there to assist you in choosing the best VoIP solution for your organization.

IP PBX Vs Traditional Non IP PBX

  IP PBX System (VoIP) Traditional Non IP PBX (Non VoIP)
Uses your LAN Yes No
Lower operational costs over time Yes No
Easier to configure and install Yes No
Simpler Management Yes No
Easy to move phones Yes No
Unified Messaging Yes No
Branch offices Integration Yes No
Remote Extensions Dialing Yes No
Cost savings by connecting to VoIP providers via SIP trunking Yes No