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PABX Phone Systems and Solutions

Softech Microsystems is a Major supplier of Latest and Most Advanced PABX Phone Systems Solutions. The Best Brands of Digital Key PBX / PABX Phone systems, Hybrid PBX System, Analog PBX System, IP PBX  systems, Call Center solutions, Contact Center Solutions are available  in all major cities of Pakistan i.e. Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Hyderabad, Quetta, Multan & Faisalabad etc and Middle East.

Models starting from Home Office – Small Office to SME and Large Enterprises are available from the most renowned PBX / PABX phone systems Manufacturers in the World. We provide your business with the PBX System solutions that matched your business need, contact our team to know the best suitable PBX / PABX Phone Systems Solution for your business.

Telephone Exchanges of Wide Telecom Technology spectrum such as Electronic Telephone Exchange or PABX, Key Telephone System, PBX / PABX Phone Systems,
IP PBX systems, IP telephony, UCS, etc is part of the Softech PBX / PABX Product Portfolio.

Whether you need and Intercom System for your small office, Apartment Building or you are a Large Industrial unit with versatile needs of PABX Phone System, you can count on us for a Product or solution that suits your Business Communications / PABX need and budget.

You can count on us for a Cost effective solution as well as a more sophisticated solution that requires greater experience of the field.
Softech Carries different brands (Appearing on the right column) that carries different PABX Phone System and IP PBX system solution for your business. We also provide PABX repairing, maintenance and replacement of PABX Phone Systems support to satisfy your communication needs.

Softech is Manufacturer & Reseller of  Business Phones, Temporis IP phones, SLT phones, IP DECT phones, PBX / PABX  and Home telephones.
Latest Digital and IP PBX system Features such as IP phones, Voice Mail system, Unified messaging, contact center, mobility and similar communication solutions are also available to cover all the aspects of PBX / PABX Phone Systems.

  1. IP PBX Systems

    Softech Microsystems provide different VoIP PABX Phone System Solutions.
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  2. Analog/Digital PABX Systems

    Softech Microsystems provide different Analog/Digital PBX System Solutions.
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  3. Unified Communications System

    Softech Microsystems provide different Solutions of Unified Communications System (IP PABX).
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  4. Contact & Call Center Solutions

    Along witht the PBX / PABX solutions, Softech Microsystems provide a complete Solution of Contact & Call Center.
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  5. Small Business Solutions

    Electronic, Digital/Analog PABX and IP PBX system ranging up to 60 ports
    Starting from a Small-Office-Home-Office application to a Small Branch Office of a multinational company, several models (PBX / PABX & Phone Systems ) are available from Softech to choose from.
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  6. Medium Business Solutions

    Electronic, Digital/Analog PABX and IPPBX System ranging from 40- 100 port
    A Medium sized business office, Industry, Factory, Clinic, School, Distributor or Manufacturer, can select from a wide variety of Models and features. ranging from VoIP connectivity to GSM trunks, different Models provide suitable options according to your budget.
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  7. Large Enterprise Solutions

    Electronic, Digital, PABX and IPPBX system ranging from 100-250 ports
    Large Conglomerates , spread over waste office building, multiple floors involved in Manufacturing, Distribution, Hospitality, Service industry or Spread over the entire geographic region distributed in Zonal and Branch offices can select from a combination of products available at Softech.
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  8. Fax.On.Net Fax Servers

    Why FAX SERVER ?
    Conventional FAX Machines with Paper, Scanner, Mechanical document feeder, Toner and a single Phone Line can not meet Today’s High Pressure environment of a Business which on one hand is poised to reducing Toner, paper, maintenance bills and Fax Send time spent per FAX per Employee, and on the other hand, is Hard pressed by the Demands Generated by the Sales and Customer support to reach out to potential and existing customers in Ever Growing Numbers.
    Your existing conventional FAX Machine Simply does not have it.
    Fax Servers In Your Premises:
    A Fax server provides Electronic means of receiving and Broadcasting Fax messages, without the Help of a Conventional Paper-Scanner Machine.
    A Fax server is a Small Embedded Server appliance capable of having 1,2 or 4 Analog Trunks and also supports SIP trunks from any ITSP.
    Faxes are received, converted to PDF or TIFF format and distributed over email within your Company based on the Rules you set. The Faxes are also stored in internal memory up to 4000 of them, and are also copied to the backup server on your LAN. The Faxes servers also provide access to the stored Faxes, Thru built-in Fax Inbox, same as in your Outlook where you can manage your out box, sent Faxes and received Faxes.
    The Fax servers can Broadcast and send 100s of Faxes in a queue to 100s of different numbers and bring back to you a list of success full deliveries and failure with reason. Without you having to stand on your 2 feet and monitor while each fax is sent.
    Managing Faxes when you are outside is now possible since now you can receive Faxes over Email, send Faxes Via Email2Fax feature, login to your Fax Inbox while you are traveling, and copy, forward or back up your Faxes from anywhere across the Globe. Other than PABX systems, we also provide FAX .on.net facx servers solutions.
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